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Welcome to TSURU Academy, the premier fishing academy dedicated to modernizing fishing practices and ensuring the sustainability of sport fisheries for generations to come! Founded in 2023, TSURU Academy was created by culminating a passion for fishing and applied knowledge in fisheries biology. Through the Academy are shared a variety of FREE courses and workshops tailored to anglers of all skill levels. 

Our Mission

At TSURU Academy, we believe that fishing is not just a hobby, but a way of life. Our mission is to educate and empower anglers with the knowledge and skills needed to become responsible and successful fishermen. We are committed to promoting ethical fishing practices, conservation efforts, and the preservation of our natural resources.

Join us at TSURU Academy and embark on a journey of discovery, learning, and camaraderie. Together, we can ensure the longevity of our beloved sport and the preservation of our precious fisheries. Let us equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a responsible and successful angler, making a positive impact on the future of fishing!

Meet Your Instructors

Kristof Mercier - 20 years of Fishing Experience

Founder of the Academy, Kristof is a lifelong fishing enthusiast and a freshwater sciences biologist. Through TSURU, he is committed to offering top-of-the-line products that meet the needs of both seasoned anglers and beginners alike. Kristof's passion for fishing began at the tender age of 4, and it has remained a driving force in his life ever since. His favorite species to fish are pike, musky, and trophy native trout, and his expertise in these areas is reflected in the products TSURU has to offer.
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Matthew Garvie - 15 years of fishing experience

Instructor for TSURU Academy since it's creation, Matthew Garvie is a fisheries biologist currently living and working in the Yukon. Matthew also remembers falling in love with fishing at a young age. With the experiences he has acquired over the last 15 years, Matthew looks to share is passion for salmon, pike, and steelhead fishing through the Academy. With his extensive knowledge, notably in ice fishing and fly fishing, Matthew will provide you with valuable insights and techniques to improve your fishing skills.
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What You Can Expect

With their combined 25 years of experience, Kristof and Matthew are both accomplished anglers and bring a wealth of knowledge to TSURU Academy. They are dedicated to providing comprehensive and practical fishing education, covering a wide range of topics including fish behavior and proper handling, habitat conservation, tackle selection, and durable fishing techniques.

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an experienced angler seeking to refine your techniques, our instructors will guide you every step of the way!