As keen anglers ourselves, we absolutely love sharing in your catches and outdoor experiences through your photos tagged with #HonourYourCatch and #TSURU_Fishing in our social media platforms. It would be a crime to not share your TSURU brands experiences with other enthusiastic anglers! We therefore occasionally ask you to allow us to share photos on our websites and social media channels, all the whilst crediting and linking to the owners of the photos.

When confirming the use a photo with #HonourYourCatch and/or #TSURU_Fishing, you agree to the following few terms and conditions:

  • You give TSURU - Fishing Products permissions to use the photos on tsuru.ca website and/or affiliate social media channels and websites. The agreement is non-exclusive and royalty-free.
  • You have the full rights to the photo. The use of your photo by TSURU - Fishing Products and or its affiliates does not violate any third party's right nor violates any law.
  • TSURU - Fishing Products will never claim ownership of the photos but simply has the right to use the photo for marketing purposes on platforms mentioned above. All rights to your photo still belong to you.
  • Any persons appearing in the photo are in agreement of the uses mentioned in this policy.

We look forward to sharing your fishing stories and your passion for #TSURU_Fishing Products! #HonourYourCatch!