The Story Behind "Honour Your Catch"

It was in the vast wilderness of the Yukon and Alaska, that two adventurous souls embarked on a journey that would not only change their lives but also inspire a revolution in the world of fishing. This is the story of Kristof Mercier and Matthew Garvie, two biologists who became good friends through sharing their passion for fishing and conservation in the untamed beauty of the Canadian North.

It all began with a 30 km kayak pike fishing adventure, where Kristof and Matthew set out to conquer the pristine waters of lake Snafu in the Yukon Wilderness. As they casted their lines into the crystal-clear waters, they were captivated by the abundance of fish and the sheer magnificence of their surroundings. The quality of the fisheries the North provided was unlike anything they had ever experienced before.

During this unforgettable expedition, the vision for TSURU was born. Kristof and Matthew's friendship grew stronger as they continued to explore the North's wilderness together, always in awe of the wonders that nature had to offer. Their shared passion for fishing and their commitment to sustainable fishing practices became the driving force behind their mission. 



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Our Mission

Inspired by the quality of the fisheries the North had to provide, a brand that would not only provide anglers with high-quality fishing products but also promote sustainable and durable fishing practices was envisioned.

With a deep-rooted commitment to conservation, TSURU - Fishing Products and TSURU Academy were officially created, and now set out to modernize sportfishing by creating superior durability fishing products and educational content that allow anglers to apply more sustainable fishing practices.

Join Our Adventure!

Today, TSURU - Fishing Products stands as a testament to the power and the importance of responsible fishing. Through their products, Kristof and Matthew hope to inspire anglers around the world to embrace durable fishing practices, protecting the environment and ensuring the longevity of our precious fisheries.

Join us on this journey of exploration and conservation. Together, we can Honour Your Catch and make a difference by ensuring a sustainable future for the generations of anglers to come!